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Restaurant Julio’s Umhlanga

Restaurant Julio’s Umhlanga


Oscar and Monica are the owners of Julio’s Umhlanga a Portuguese and Mozambican cuisine.

Oscar doesn’t venture into gourmet designer cuisine instead he strives to offer the kind of soul-satisfying food a Portuguese grandmother would have spent the whole of Sunday afternoon cooking. Just walking past Julio’s Umhlanga you can smell the aromas of True Continental food drifting through Umhlanga from Shell Fish and Meats such Salted Cod fish (Bacalhau) which are strategically plated for the most delicious mouth-watering results!

He imported and fused the various styles of cooking and he added his own flair to compile dishes that are a true reflection of his culture as some say there are more Bacalhau recipes than days in a year!

In the end, every cuisine is a product of its physical and cultural environment, the hearty fare of the Madeira Island doesn’t dazzle, but instead comforts a powerful “Saudade”, or longing the beloved land, that every Portuguese person is said to feel.

Explore the flavours of authentic Portuguese cuisine and embrace the spices and ingredients of typical Mediterranean cooking, what’s more typical is a love for a true taste of food which tends to be hearty, as Oscar’s polite way of saying “quite caloric”.

Some examples of these hearty dishes include our juicy prawns or the traditional Mozambican peri-peri chicken; there is something for every palate.

Oscar together with his wife Monica and two sons form the heart of what is essentially a family run business. Portugal is known for its cuisine that while mild in spice, is rich in flavour as the authority on Portuguese cooking. Oscar highlights the fare through an encyclopaedic look into his family cooking and the country’s history.

Julio’s Umhlanga is a place for everyone, a romantic dinner date, an indulgent Sunday family lunch, a Saturday party with friends or even functions or large groups.

Come dine in a small corner of Portugal…at Julio’s Umhlanga.

Tel:031 561 1958

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